About us

At Burgrill Co, we believe in providing a truly unique experience. We are different. We do things in our own way.
However, our aim is simple which is to provide our customers with a taste and experience like no other.

The Burgrill Co is a business that has been created by food lovers for food lovers. From our unique branding to vibrant décor we strive to ensure the entire experience is the best every time.

Burgers, wraps, peri peri chicken, dedicated vegetarian options and lots more may form the basis of our menu, but we are a lot more than just serving food. We truly differ from others in the way we go about our business.

From our unique recipes which are the talk of the town, food grilled to taste, to the best customer service – Burgrill Co is all about providing the full experience.

In a nutshell our aim is to become famous as a company that serves delicious, high-quality and value for money food.

We are committed to using the best premium ingredients, signature home-made recipes, and a friendly dining experience. Our commitment extends to ensuring we never compromise on these standards.

With a young dynamic team at the helm we are looking to expand the brand to give the unique Burgrill Co experience to as many food lovers as possible.

We always aim to surpass customer expectations and endeavour to delight them rather just satisfying and going that extra mile.